On Saturday night, ETV produced the 1 hour debate between the candidate for Lindsey Graham's US Senate seat.

Several takeaways from the debate and we'll go over a couple

1) Lindsey Graham, whether is was from Bill Connor standing next to him or Connor calling him to task on his various betrayals of conservatives, was extremely nervous and shaken for most of the debate. Bill Connor, much taller in statue and character, repeatedly addressed Lindsey Graham on subjects like his support for Obama US Supreme Court nominees Sotomayor and Kagan to supporting the muslim brotherhood in Egypt.

Graham was totally unable to respond with any sort of justification for his lack of conservative values and stuck to campaign rhetoric to when given the chance to speak. Several times Graham went over his allotted time and once even held his hand up to the moderator to shut him up when told his time was up.

2) None of the candidates, including Lindsey Graham, seem to have a better grip on the issues facing our nation as Connor exhibited during this debate. Not only addressing the problems, Bill Connor offered numerous solutions including vehemently and vocally supporting the dissolution of the Federal Dept of Education.

Of those watching the debate, the only folks saying anyone else dominated the back and forth between candidates is supporting someone other than Connor and unwilling to change. Many have changed their vote to Connor based on the debate and countless undecided voters made up their minds for Bill Connor.

Nothing against Lee Bright, as he did a fine job himself in the debate, but many of his supporters tout his conservative voting record by saying Bill Connor is "untested"

I'd counter that none of them have been "tested" as Connor has from Taliban bullets to fighting the 'establishment' since he spoke at the very first TEA Party event in South Carolina on Feb 27, 2009. No other candidate in this race has had the "old guard" republican elitists like Lindsey Graham unload on them like Bill Connor has.

Untested? I think not.

Connor discusses nearly every important issue for Republicans on his website (click here) and is not only the most conservative candidate in this race, he also understands foreign policy with none of the others even close.

Vote Bill Connor on Tuesday. You'll be doing your state and country a favor.

As for the debate, watch below to find out just what I've said.



Lindsey Graham, when compared to other elected officials in South Carolina like Jeff Duncan, Tim Scott, Trey Gowdy and Jim Demint, is a liberal, plain and simple.

When compared to the establishment wing of the Republican party in SC, he's moderate.

In order to call Lindsey Graham conservative in any way would be to compare him to the Michael Moores, Hillary Clintons, and Al Sharptons of this country.

Why then, are there so many primary voters in South Carolina willing to send Lindsey Graham back to Washington?

Simply put, the majority of those voting in the SC Primary are just too laid back.

These folks, let's say 50% of primary voters, just don't actively research the candidates they're voting for in any way. They rely on the TV ads they may catch, the full-page newspaper ads or the radio to determine the box they check next to a candidate's name on June 10th.

Another way our laid back, fellow South Carolina GOPers vote is familiarity. If they've voted for a candidate before, they are very likely too again.

That last method is a big reason Bill Connor has such an advantage over the other Lindsey Graham challengers as he received 131,000 votes in 2010 during a 4-way primary for Lt Governor. In fact, Connor received more votes during that primary season than all of the other challengers in ALL of their races combined. That includes tallying more votes in State Sen Lee Bright's district that year than Lee Bright did himself.

But, here lies the problem.

Lindsey Graham's campaign has, from day one, relied on those that aren't paying attention. The folks that are too "laid-back" to properly vet their candidates. His millions are put to use bombarding the airwaves with ads designed to mislead those folks on his voting record and betrayal of conservative values.

There's are THOUSANDS of folks that will vote for Lindsey Graham on June 10th that WOULD NOT if they truly knew his views on illegal alien amnesty, liberal US Supreme Court nominees and his support of Al Quaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and Egypt. They're going to see his ads on TV and think he's someone other than he actually is.

Its up to you, those reading this article, to help keep that from happening.

Talk to everyone you know about Lindsey and encourage them to talk to their friends.

Get out and organize/join sign wave events for your candidate where you live.

Use social media to let everyone know who you support and why you support them.

There are just a few days left until the primary. The importance of this election CANNOT be overstated. As patriotic Americans, its your duty and responsibility to get to work these last few critical days. By doing this, you're not only keeping Lindsey Graham below that 50% mark in order to force a runoff, you're laying the groundwork for the runoff itself.

Here's your sign.


Its easy to blame Shinseki or Barack Obama for the VA scandal. Its also easy to lay the blame on the democrat controlled senate.

The bottom line is, there's a definitive reason these issues are ongoing and have been for years.

The representation in the US Senate and House of Representatives is light years from where it was 20 or 30 years ago in regards to veterans. One need look no farther to figure out why veterans are so badly protected and cared for.

While many watching the US Senate race in South Carolina between Lindsey Graham and Bill Connor try to point out that Graham is pro-military, the fact is, Lindsey is anything but. He supported the most recent budget that cut pensions for vets and all of this fiasco with the VA is happening right under his nose, while he does nothing about it except pontificate as it is campaign season.

In spite of Lindsey's service as a lawyers in the SC National Guard, and his claims years ago that he was a combat veteran, Lindsey Graham has no clue as to the needs of veterans and NEVER, not EVER, served in combat.

Bill Connor, on the other hand, has not only served in combat but is a highly decorated Lt Col (just approved for advancement to Colonel) that understands far more than Lindsey just what type of care that veterans need. Not to mention Connor's grasp on foreign policy is far ahead of Lindsey Graham. Connor has numerous times been frustrated with Lindsey Graham's support of Al Quaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and Egypt. As are we all.

Bill Connor is exactly the man we need representing our veterans and citizens of South Carolina in Washington. Lindsey Graham has been in the US Senate since 2003. Just simply take a look at the mess our country is in and you can see what kind of job he's done.

The VA is a just a prime example.



Lindsey Graham, as a US Senator, is a ranking member on 4 Senate committees.

Appropriations Committee - Basically in charge of our nations finances.

We are approaching $18 Trillion in debt as a nation, with China holding the notes on most of it. Our spending is out of control and Lindsey Graham has said numerous times he supports raising taxes to pay down that debt

which brings us to...

Budget Committee - Again, we're $18 Trillion in the hole. Initially Graham praised the last budget plan worked out with the Democrats until so many of us caused an uproar regarding the cuts to veterans. Being election season, Lindsey Graham then pandered to crowds by opposing the plan but basically doing nothing about it

which brings us to...

Armed Services Committee - Graham is constantly spewing rhetoric regarding his protection of veterans yet as a leader of the committee he's done absolutely nothing about the atrocities going on in the VA (Veterans Affairs) for years. He also essentially supported the pension cuts for veterans in the latest budget. On top of this, he's supported Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and Egypt, possibly creating an atmosphere for our troops having to fight those he's supporting now.

and last but not least...

Judiciary Committee - this committee is in charge of overseeing the nomination of judges, including the US Supreme Court. Lindsey Graham, in his most important two moments as a ranking member of this committee, chose to vocally support and vote for the Obama nominations of Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, both of which voted for Obamacare and against the Defense of Marriage Act.

On Obamacare alone, Lindsey has had multiple chances to prove he's a conservative and he failed to do so. His vote for cloture, allowing funding for Obamacare is nearly has bad as his support of those two liberal Obama Supreme Court Justices.

Lindsey Graham basically has 4 important jobs as a US Senator and he's failed miserably at each and every one of those jobs.

Misleading Campaigner - His fifth job, which is the most important to him, takes place every 5th year of his term when he is forced to run around South Carolina and blast the airwaves with ads touting is conservative values... basically lying to the voters.

Lindsey Graham has had ample opportunity to act as a conservative instead of just playing one on TV.

Will his tactics work yet again?