Democrats have spent the last week eating their own, justifying the losses, blaming Obama, regretting blaming Obama, quitting, whining, crying and pouting after the GOP soundly defeated them in last week's election, gaining a majority in the Senate and increasing the House majority.

The real reasons for the GOP wave are numerous, and despite what the liberals would have you believe, they make much more sense.

Here are the excuses from the Dems:

1) Midterm elections don't matter

2) Election results were a given because elections are cyclical

3) Obama campaigned for certain candidates

4) Obama didn't campaign for certain candidates

5) Ebola

6) Republicans actually lost in 2016 by winning in 2014 (Dem strategic plan)

7) Republicans used "Dark Money"

8) Cranky, racist, old white Republicans are still alive damnit!

9) It was an "anti-incumbent" election

10) Voters are stupid

All of those above are real reasons verbalized by real elected Democrats before and after the elections last Tuesday. Its really no wonder that the GOP wave surpassed even the most optimistic predictions for a GOP takeover.

Here are the actual reasons for the crushing defeat of the liberals.

1) Obama policies. Admit it or not, Barack Obama was on the ballot in every single race in the country on Nov 4th and was soundly defeated in states and districts that weren't gerrymandered to some extent.

2) Obamacare - More people are uninsured now (1.3 million more) than were uninsured before Obamacare was enacted. Individuals costs have risen astronomically and costs for Obamacare are expected to be $2.6 Trillion by 2023. This is after healthcare spending was trending down BEFORE Obamacare was enacted.

3) Economy - As a retail business owner, I cannot remember a time when people were spending less money than they are right now. Jobs are still hard to come by and those that are working are more careful about spending than ever before. Healthcare costs, gas prices, food costs, etc... are all combining to create an atmosphere of financial fear.

4) Harry Reid - Reid's dictatorship rule of the Senate has angered Americans on both sides of the aisle. Changing the Senate rules to protect Obama and other elected Democrats and basically pushing aside every bill that came from the US House of Representatives has left a sour taste in the mouths of the voters. It has been seen as nothing less than dictatorial rules by Obama and the Dems of this country

5) Zero transparency, coverups and stonewalling - Fast and Furious, IRS targeting of conservative groups, Benghazi, mistreatment of Vets are just a few of the many failures of a dysfunctional government more interested in assuring gays can marry or mothers can kill their babies than taking care of our nation's veterans. Democrat leadership has up to now blown off the voters as stupid illiterates and figured this election would hold serve. Think again

6) Fudging the numbers - Unemployment claims down? That's likely because many that were claiming ran out of eligibility. Right now we have the lowest workforce participation rate in decades. Recovering economy? the democrat spin doesn't match what voters like me are seeing in real-life, everyday. People aren't spending/shopping and businesses are suffering and closing or downsizing the workforce.

7) Trust - "If you like your health insurance, you can keep it." The whopper from Barack Obama and many other democrats has finally caught up to them. The voters are putting more trust in private industry than in their government, with good reason.

8) Racebaiting - nearly every day there's some incident that Democrats see as a political opportunity that descends in charges of racism. Over and over the American public is subjected to many elected Democrats continuing to feed racism by bringing it up when it shouldn't be brought up. Voters are sick and tired of the political play involving color of skin.

9) Republicans stepped up the ground game. While there's still a ton of work to do to get more GOP voter participation, many state GOPs around the country improved dramatically their GOTV programs and assisting their candidates.

10) Ron Paul-less. No Ron Paul. No Libertarian energy. Libertarians have, for several years now, done a wonderful job of alienating voters to the GOP  with crazed campaign event actions, obnoxious behavior and an overall disdain for politeness. Libertarian candidates in races around the country had abysmal results but one did affect the Virginia Senate race by taking enough votes from the GOP candidate to cause the Democrat to win. Republican Gillespie lost to Democrat Warner by just 16,000 votes. The libertarian also-ran (Robert Sarvis) in the race garnered about 53,000 votes, of which most experts feel a large majority of would have gone to Gillespie, reversing the results. Yet another reason voters are turned off by the Libertarian party.

The Democrats have been in full spin mode since the election and that will likely not slow down. They will increase their GOTV efforts for 2016 and the GOP had better improve on their own GOTV in order to keep this majority in both house AND take the White House.

Don't rest on the laurels. The need to get back to work with the voters is more critical now than ever before.


I've seen some comments floating around from those within the GOP stating that the election is not a "mandate" to deliver.

I beg to differ.

Take a look at the map of the US below.

This is what the US House of representatives looked like after the 2008 elections. Democrats rode the Obama wave into a large majority in the House and set us on the course of destruction we've seen the last 6 years.

After this Tuesday night's elections, the results are nearly a 180 from 6 years ago with the map showing very clearly just how much of this country supports the GOP platform.

Now I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but it seems to me, the message the voters are giving to the GOP based on those results is "CHANGE THINGS NOW".

If that's not a mandate, I surely don't know what is.


It appears that some of the hard work by conservatives these last few years is paying off.

While watching the election returns on Fox News Tuesday night, a specific conversation caught my attention. The host turned to where Karl Rove was sitting and asked him about the candidates the GOP had in this election and why they were winning.

Rove said that some time back, the benefactor for Crossroads Grassroots Political Strategies (Crossroads GPS), Rove's right wing super PAC, needed to recruit and help more conservative candidates. In other words, the candidates they were helping needed to be more to the right than their current crop.

This perked my ears up for obvious reasons. Rove has long been an operator within the establishment wing of the GOP and many times butted heads with TEA Party types. The fact that he and his benefactor sought to move the party farther right is indicative of just how important the rallies in 2009 were to initiate fixing the problem in Washington and within the GOP itself.

Its taken quite a downhill slide to get folks like Rove to "see the light" but, all in all, it worked.

While many were upset at various TEA Party groups for allowing the establishment to infiltrate and overrun them (Newt comes to mind), it looks as if the rubbing elbows with them has paid off. For now.

The biggest threat, as its always been, to the TEA Party is from within. Many Libertarians joined the TEA Party movement, largely because of the fiscal philosophy, and have now taken over various TP groups around the country. As concerned conservatives tired and gradually released control of those groups, the Ron Paulers were right there to take over, and have. They've also taken over several county GOP groups, some of them very large and influential, and will remain in control of those until conservatives decide to quit sitting on their hands and take it back.

You might wonder that I've basically talked about two different things in this post, and I have.

The issue is, conservatives need to change the focus, while not entirely ignoring the establishment, and fight another battle.. Getting the establishment wing of the party to listen and act accordingly is happening right now. We cannot, however, allow the Libertarians to define the conservative base of the party.

Right this moment, we have people in leadership positions within the TEA Party and county GOPs that believe in legalizing marijuana, withdrawing our entire military to within our borders and taking away the authority of the police to arrest lawbreakers.

Now that we are getting closer to defining the GOP as a truly conservative party again, do we want the Libertarians to define a platform that goes against the principles of the majority of the party?

The election results on Tuesday showed just how few voters feel libertarians can help this country. Nearly every vote tally I saw nationally had the Libertarian candidate at 2% or less. In South Carolina, Trey Gowdy's only opponent was a Libertarian candidate and got 15% of the vote to 85% for Gowdy. I'll let you guess how many of that 15% were democrats.

Do not lose the ground beneath you while repairing the roof. A solid foundation is necessary and that foundation is eroding quietly.

Now make some noise.


From the youngest age I can remember, my growth from toddler to teenager had an unhealthy dose of racism. Growing up around Charleston SC in the 60s and 70s provided countless opportunities from family members and acquaintances to become a bigoted, n*****r hating, foulmouthed redneck like so many of them were.

The problem is, the racism wasn't just a product of those extreme individuals.

I went to school at Whitesides Elementary and later Laing Middle School. I also played football in the recreation leagues of Mount Pleasant SC from the age of 6. My friends during these years were just as likely to be black as white. In spite of the racist environment I grew up in, one of the three best friends I had throughout childhood was black.

As I got older, I'd hear my father say "well he's a good n****r" over and over again. The older black gentleman that retired from the ports and went around collecting cans and doing yardwork, including some for our family, was always referred to as a "good n*****r. And he was probably the best friend my dad had in his later years, while my dad never quit using that term.

Throughout that childhood, there were many fights and arguments I had with cousins and other family members when they used the term n****r, regardless of the context. My father was a Boston Celtics fan because they played more white guys. The derogatory term n*****r was used, regardless of color, as the ultimate insult.

So why am I not a sheet wearing, tobacco spitting, loudmouthed bigot?

Simply put, its wrong.

I judge a man by his deeds and actions, not by his skin color.

I alone had the power to become the person I wanted to be, and so does everyone reading this.

Many of you might've noticed some of the postings I put on Facebook recently. While it may seem to some that I'm being racist, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, its quite the opposite.

Blacks in this country suffered horrible treatment at the hands of whites for many years. Some still do today. The difference (while its always been there to some extent) is that many whites suffer horrible treatment at the hands of blacks and even more blacks receive horrible treatment at the hands of their own race.

While there's been plenty of documentation regarding black on black crime, black prison population, black single mothers, etc... there's very little blame that goes where it should.

There's a big reason that so many black politicians and/or political figures are democrat. It gives them control of their black constituents. While I don't in any way believe that its the case for all black politicians, a large group of them truly seek to benefit by keeping their constituents under their thumb. Those like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have all become very wealthy by pandering to those that benefit from welfare and racial tension. They only show up at protests like those that happened in Ferguson MO to stay relevant with those blind sheep that keep sending them money. Everyone remember Jackson and Sharpton both asking for donations while there? Anyone remember the democrat voter registration push at those protests?

Using today's welfare statistics (located here) its easy to see what supporting the liberal agendas of Jackson, Sharpton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others has led to

Whites make up over 72% of the entire US population while blacks make up just 13%

Despite that overwhelming minority, blacks make up almost 40% of welfare recipients. Nearly all of that 40% are registered democrats.

Here's some other numbers for you to ponder.

(link here) The out-of-wedlock birth rate among African Americans today is 73%, three times higher than it was prior to the War on Poverty. Children raised in fatherless homes are far more likely to grow up poor and to eventually engage in criminal behavior, than their peers who are raised in two-parent homes. In 2010, blacks (approximately 13% of the U.S. population) accounted for 48.7% of all arrests for homicide, 31.8% of arrests for forcible rape, 33.5% of arrests for aggravated assault, and 55% of arrests for robbery. Also as of 2010, the black poverty rate was 27.4% (about 3 times higher than the white rate), meaning that 11.5 million blacks in the U.S. were living in poverty.

Michael Brown was a victim alright. A victim of democrat politicians/political figures controlling their followers.

William Galston, President Bill Clinton's Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs, estimated that the welfare system, with its economic disincentives to marriage, was responsible for at least 15% to 20% of the family disintegration in the United States. Take away the obvious bias and most analysts put that number closer to 50%.

There are currently 35 states in the US that pay more on welfare than a minimum wage job pays. That is a product of liberalism from the democratic party and it will continue to erode our society as long as those under that thumb let it. Its human nature to take the easier path.

I made the choice growing up not to be a racist. Its time for many others to do the same thing. Black preachers and community leaders need to bring people together instead of allowing those like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Eric Holder tear them apart. When you stop giving them money and supporting their lavish lifestyles by saying no to that reverse-racism, and reforming the current welfare system, the problem will be fixed.

Over and over again, these politicians scream about justice. In the case of Michael Brown, you might've noticed they've all backed off now. The evidence showed him to be just another thug created by the liberal agenda.

If it were truly about justice, why didn't they show up in Memphis when the black crowd beat a white store employee? Or Springfield MO when a black gang attacked a white couple?

If they are really so concerned, why are they continuing to drive a wedge between whites and blacks while benefiting financially?

The answer is, they want racism to continue. It keeps them in that lavish lifestyle they've grown accustomed to.

Racists come in all colors, shapes and sizes and political ideologies.

When leaders of all colors, shapes, sizes and political ideologies realize this and take action, racism will eventually die away.